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Smartest Solution For Home Charging Nivion

Charge faster, smarter and in style with the most advanced charger
on the market.

Integration With
Smart App

AC Single Phase

65 Protection

Connecting Through

80 A

25 Feet

🔰 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Smart Way To Charge

The secret to your car's power is right here. A power that knows no limits, the NIVION charger is an elegant, innovative charging solution for electric vehicles. Nivion charger, with its premium design, adds style and practical, long-lasting charging to any house or company. Thanks to its rugged build, it is made to survive the test of time and provide a dependable charging experience for years. The user-friendly controls and clear LED display on the Nivion charger make it simple to monitor your charging process and keep tabs on your car's battery life.

Optimum For Outdoor Installation

Nivion charger provides fast charging whether installed indoors or outdoors and is the perfect choice for those who want to be sure that their electric car is always charged and ready to go, regardless of the weather. Nivion charger is made of durable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions like heat and extreme cold.Because of the weather-resistant design, you can charge your car effortlessly.

Fast & Secure

Nivion charger is a quick and effective charging solution that gives electric vehicles fast charging. It has a maximum current of 80A. This implies that you can quickly recharge your car and go back on the road. It was created with convenience and safety in mind.

It contains several safety features that guarantee your vehicle is charged effectively and safely, including built-in leakage protection and over-current protection features.Nivion charger's features can be accessed through our charging app. Our charging app provides real-time monitoring of the charging status.

Intelligent Charging

Essential charging information is displayed on the LCD. You can always check the charging status on the screen. The charger comes with added safety features. It will also break the circuit automatically if the temperature goes above a certain level and resume charging when it drops to safe levels. Nivion app provides real-time data on charging status via a Wi-Fi connection. Our charger allows you to adjust the charging current as per your demands and offers a more flexible charging experience.

Your Car, Your Power

The firm-grip connector on the Nivion charger enables a reliable and stable connection between your electric vehicle and the charger. Because of the strong material used and smart design, you can be sure your car is charged securely, efficiently, and without any possibility of weak connections or inconsistent charging.