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The secret to your car's power is right here. A power that knows no limits, the NIVION charger is an elegant, innovative charging solution for electric vehicles. Nivion charger, with its premium design, adds style and practical, long-lasting charging to any house or company. Thanks to its rugged build, it is made to survive the test of time and provide a dependable charging experience for years. The user-friendly controls and clear LED display on the Nivion charger make it simple to monitor your charging process and keep tabs on your car's battery life.

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Charge faster, smarter and in style with the most advanced charger
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AC Single Phase

65 Protection

Connecting Through

80 A

25 Feet

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Nivion Connect Specs

Protection level

IP65 and Flame retardant grade
UL 94-V0

Salt spray resistant requirements

96H no corrosion and No rust


80A max


8.8" x 3"


Black matt finish

Anti theft


Operating temperature

-22*F up to +122*F

Nivion Connect

NIVION Connect Adapter, a portable electric car charger adapter, is designed to be compatible with Tesla wall connectors and conveniently charge your non-Tesla car. Its convenient design will surpass your expectations of a car charger for electric vehicles more than ever.

This adapter is more potent when it comes to charging with its up to 80 amp, allowing for quicker and more effective charging of your vehicle. It can conduct more electric current through it than any other electric car charger adaptor.

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