Tesla DC Supercharger (NACS) to CCS Adapter | 500A | 1000V | Super Plug

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Unlock the vast Tesla Network

Gain access to a massive network of 10,000+ Tesla Superchargers with the Nivion Super Plug. This innovative NACS-to-CCS1 adapter lets your compatible non-Tesla EV join the Tesla fast-charging revolution, adding hundreds of miles of range in minutes. (Note: Requires automaker access to Superchargers)

Lightning-Fast Speeds, Future-Proof Design

Experience the power advantage and stay ahead of the curve. Nivion Super Plug boasts a 500 amp and 1000 volt rating, enabling potential charging speeds of up to 160 miles in just 15 minutes. Plus, the design adapts to the evolving world of EVs as more automakers join the NACS alliance. (Actual rates may vary depending on Supercharger generation and your vehicle's capabilities)

Travel Farther, Explore More

Don't be limited by range anxiety. The Nivion Super Plug opens doors to longer trips and spontaneous adventures. With access to a vast network of Superchargers, you can explore farther and experience the freedom of electric driving.

Simple To Use

Enjoy a seamless charging experience. The Nivion Super Plug is user-friendly and requires no special installation. Simply connect it to your vehicle and a Tesla Supercharger, and you're ready to power up quickly and efficiently.


What output can I expect in my EV? Do the same charge rates apply as they do for Teslas? 

What type of current and voltage does the Nivion Super Plug supply to the vehicle? Is the AC to DC conversion in the car bypassed?

Does Tesla guarantee compatibility with their Superchargers?

Is the Nivion Super Plug UL certified? Will it be certified by Tesla and other OEMs? 

What type of locking/safety features does the Nivion Super Plug have? Is there a lock between the charger and the adapter or the adapter and the vehicle?

Will the Nivion Super Plug allow higher speed charging at Tesla Superchargers? What about compatibility issues with different EV architectures? 

Will the Nivion Super Plug work with Level 2 Tesla chargers?

Can I use the Nivion Super Plug with Level 2 Tesla Destination Chargers or Mobile Connectors?

Can I use the Nivion Super Plug with a Level 2 Charger (NEMA 14-50) or a Level 1 Charger (standard wall plug)?

How many Supercharger ports will be accessible, and which Supercharger generations are compatible?